Attack Of The Cult Of The Fetus

Aside from a willful refusal to read past Stanek’s misleading headline (I never admitted embellishing anything. Because I didn’t embellish anything. But hey, keep letting Stanek lie to you instead of reading for yourself.), I’m getting the same few criticisms leveled at me in the spam comments over and over. Apparently I’m cold, not graceful enough in my response to the attacks by Stanek & her followers, and too angry. Also, if I were telling the truth I’d act just the way the commenter demands (that ranges from naming the doctor to filing a lawsuit to publishing my medical records to not talking about what happened to me at all to providing them with a platform to blogging how many tears I cried), and all I can do at this point is roll my eyes and wait for the trolls to figure out that I’m not going to be bullied.

Stanek’s lies about me aren’t going to become the truth no matter how many times she plasters her delusional interpretation of my words on any site that will accept them. People that claim to be pro life demand to know why I didn’t just die that day instead of having an abortion to save my life. Others insist major surgery (that is what a c-section is for the record) was a better option than the abortion. Fascinating how many people claim to be medical professionals and then display a complete lack of medical ethics in trying to prescribe treatment for a patient they’ve never seen.

I’m 99.9% certain that most of the people making demands would swear they were acting this way out of concern for their cause or my kids or some other batch of buzzwords that masks the reality of their hatred for women. I suspect my race adds a layer to the conversation (I’m also getting lots of comments about knowing my place which would be upsetting if it wasn’t so ridiculous), but then this wouldn’t be the first time misogyny and racism have intersected in the life of a WOC. So, once more the new folks who will undoubtedly be dropping by today. Stanek is attacking my experience to raise her profile. I can’t stop her from doing that, but I’m not going to be bullied into pretending that I lied about the treatment I received. Nor am I going to pretend that this harassment is coming from any place but one of hatred.


3 thoughts on “Attack Of The Cult Of The Fetus

  1. It is completely shitty that you’re going through this and being attacked. Your response to it is graceful and honest and I hope at least some of the trolls listen. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

  2. Unfortunately, creatures like Stanek and the rest of the spammers are too blinded by their own hatred to see the truth when it’s in front of their faces, let alone acknowledge that someone else’s experience is valid, true, and not up for judgment. Sadly, you just can’t fix stupid. Thanks for being out there, standing up to those that would try to censor you and showing them for the bigots they are.

  3. See. This is what those Conservatives do.

    I have to say how angry I am at Jill Stanek and the rest of her kind. She gives Christians a bad name.

    I routinely read the Drudge (just so I know my enemies propaganda) and saw the headline about how you admitted fabricating your story. I immediately went to your blog and Salon, figuring your admission would be posted there. I was really curious about your fabrication because comments on your blog from others seemed to corroborate your story.

    When I didn’t see your retraction, I decided to google it and was furious to see Stanek’s same article posted over and over again on all her conservative propaganda sites.

    From what I can tell, this is the typical MO from those people. They lie. They straight out lie and then they tell everyone it is the truth. Then all the conservative blogs pick up the lie and it just goes on and on.

    This is wrong. All I can say, on behalf of Christian women, I am so sorry that she is who waves the Christian flag.

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