Appearances and Public Speaking

Chicago Public Library: Voices for Justice

NPR 1A: The Intersection of Race, Misogyny, and the Experiences of Asian Americans

Brooklyn Book Festival 2020: Carousel

ABC News: Raising awareness about systemic racism in America (2020)

PBS NewsHour: ‘Hood Feminism’ makes a case for women ignored by the movement (2020)

Black America, CUNY TV: Creating a System that Takes Care of the People (2020)

WGN Weekend Morning News: “Hood Feminism” and Race (2020)

American Writers Museum: A reading of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (2020)

Unladylike: Episode 87, “How Not to Be a Karen” (2020)

WNYC – The Takeaway: What the Viral Video in Central Park Says About White Privilege (2020)

NPR Code Switch: What Does “Hood Feminism” Mean for a Pandemic? (2020)

The Daily Show: Lifting Up All Women with “Hood Feminism”

OWN: Black Women OWN the Conversation: COVID-19 Facts & Myths (2020)

NowThis: Why Feminism Fails to Serve Who it Claims to Help (2020)


WTTW: How “Hood Feminism” Picks Up Where Mainstream Feminism Fails (2020)


Newsy (2020): Discussing “Hood Feminism”

The Strand in Conversation: Discussing Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists (2019)

XOXO Festival (2019): Toxic – The Internet Experience

Chicago Humanities Festival (2019): Women, History, Power