Committing acts of fiction

I’ve been spending so much time on non-fiction the last few days I haven’t worked on anything fun. The last few days haven’t inspired any fiction fit for public consumption, but today I saw this pic Black Pin Up Model

It has my brain back on the Siren story (for those of you who don’t read me elsewhere I’ve been rewriting a novel I wrote some years back about Sirens), and may have finally resolved my question of how people can tell the Sirens aren’t human without having to rely on anything too cheesy like them sparkling or having unusually colored eyes or whatever else the Mary Sues are doing these days. Possibly they can draw so much attention simply by existing that it becomes obvious that they aren’t entirely human because of the way people react to them. Good idea? Bad idea? Something else entirely?


2 thoughts on “Committing acts of fiction

  1. I like that idea. Another thought: What about slightly not-right proportions? Humans have very distinct mathematical proportions, and anything that doesn’t fit those proportions triggers an “unnatural” button in our brains. Perhaps it’s not an exaggerated thing, but just slightly off in a way that’s alien and attractive?

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