I have seen the pro-lifers and I’m not impressed

So, the pro-life backlash has begun. I thought I’d be sad, but I’m not. I’m pissed. Post my pics, dig around in my blogs to talk about me being a survivor (like that has a fucking thing to do with what happened that day), and try to dissect the details of my decision to stay alive? Okay motherfuckers. Okay. I’m not going to hide from you, or let you paint me as a villain. Propaganda games over terminology (Correct medical terms are hostile now? Really?) are old hat to me. I’m not a nice girl, and you’re about to see that.


15 thoughts on “I have seen the pro-lifers and I’m not impressed

  1. That Stanek creature is a Quisling, a betrayer of her own Sisters. As such she is even more vile than the males who do their damnedest to lock down women’s reproductive process for their own fear driven agenda. Yet at the same time it makes her a pitiable thing for as she betrays her Sisters, she betrays herself and is then not even worthy of the hate of those who oppress her.

    I found you via Salon btw. And I am pleased that you’re taking out the daggers. That really is the only thing these motherfuckers understand.

    Nebris, a tall educated middle aged White Male knows damned well he has Privileged. };->

  2. Her post is gone!!!

    I’m so happy. You deserve nothing but support, and she is a horrible little troll.

  3. Her post is not gone. Since it was a quote of the day, it only remains in that position for about 24 hours until the next QOD is posted.
    The post automatically gets moved to the regular articles on the left side of the blog.

  4. We all have to stop fearing these harpies, stand together, and tell the world that the right to determine the fate of our own body is inalienable!

  5. I do not know how pro-lifers can criticize you. I don’t like abortion too much myself but in your case, it was obvious that it was the only choice. Beyond obvious, as a matter of fact. Actually, it’s beyond obvious that it is beyond obvious.

    When there was no possibility that you could live and the fetus was going to die anyway, abortion or no abortion, there was nothing left to do.

  6. Hello, I saw your article on Salon.com, and read some of the comments of pro-lifers. Nobody has the right to judge what you do with your body. And the fact that they preach compassion while vilifying someone who went through what you did is just hideous. I am sorry for what you went through, I hope that you and your family are doing well.

  7. I feel like I need to apologize on behalf of humanity.

    Just know that there are millions of us out here who are NOT asshats and we are repulsed by the likes of people like that Jill cretin. Do not let her give you even one minute of unhappiness and remember that people who behave that way are themselves probably profoundly unhappy and that’s why they take it out on the rest of us.

    Oh, and I too, think you should look into a lawsuit – not for revenge, and not for the money, but to ensure that no other woman has to endure what you did.

  8. Thank you for sharing your important personal, painful story. You should SUE the hospital and MDs for letting you suffer and almost die. Call up the ACLU and/or the Center for Reproductive Rights and see… Just so that they don’t do this to other women… and why not get compensated for your suffering?

    Please check out the Silver Ribbon campaign to TRUST WOMEN with reproductive rights. Wear a Silver Ribbon if you trust women with repro rights. http://oursilverribbon.org/

  9. Yours is a powerful story.
    I have watched in dismay as anti-abortion extremists have acquired so much political clout. I had an abortion many years ago, shortly after Roe v. Wade. The reasons don’t matter. A woman should have the right to control her own body. We give violent criminals more control than women over their bodies – the right to refuse medication is a constitutional privacy right (the 14th amendment) among others (in some cases implicating first, and sixth amendment rights) only legally denied when forced treatment is necessary to achieve a compelling gov. objective. How is forced medication any less intrusive than forcibly preventing women from making choices about their own bodies?

  10. I second Tacy- thank you for posting and not backing down.

    And holy smokes, who knew telling a personal story meant that you revoked your right to privacy. That’s some A-Plus entitlement and attempts at voyeurism going on in that other blog. Disgusting.

  11. An apology for what? Not letting her lie about me or twist reality to suit her sick belief system? If anyone deserves an apology here it is me. She’s the one engaging in libel.

  12. It might help if you read for content. I never retracted anything despite the spin some pro liars are putting on my words. I do have the right to compel someone to do the job they are paid to do or leave it. That’s the nature of life in America. Unless you want firefighters or cops to be able to opt out of protecting you? I fought for your freedom to say the stupid things you’re spouting just like I fought for my right to tell you they are stupid.

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