Hood Feminism

A potent and electrifying critique of today’s feminist movement announcing a fresh new voice in black feminism

In her searing collection of essays, Mikki Kendall takes aim at the legitimacy of the modern feminist movement, arguing that it has chronically failed to address the needs of all but a few women. Drawing on her own experiences with hunger, violence, and hypersexualization, along with incisive commentary on politics, pop culture, the stigma of mental health, and more, Hood Feminism delivers an irrefutable indictment of a movement in flux. An unforgettable debut (with a combined 14 weeks on the NYT Bestseller List and over 200,000 copies sold), Kendall has written a ferocious clarion call to all would-be feminists to live the true mandate of the movement in thought and in deed.

A Best Book of 2020 by Bustle, BBC, and Time

A New York Times Bestseller

Washington Post Notable Book of 2020

CHIRBY Award for Nonfiction 2020

Hood Feminism Cover

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Press For Hood Feminism

“Mikki’s book is a rousing call to action for today’s feminists. It should be required reading for everyone.”
—Gabrielle Union, author of We’re Going to Need More Wine

Mikki has been writing for years about…the limits and the usefulness of different kinds of anger, and the way sisterhood can be wielded as a demand. She’s here for her community, and this book has everything to do with expanding access to it.” 
—Daniel Mallory Ortberg

“This book is an act of fierce love and advocacy, and it is urgently necessary.” 
—Samantha Irby, author of Meaty and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists

A bold history of the fight for women’s rights

The ongoing struggle for women’s rights has spanned human history, and touched nearly every culture on Earth. Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists, written by Mikki Kendall and illustrated by A. D’Amico, is a fun and fascinating graphic novel-style primer of key figures and events that have advanced women’s rights from antiquity to the modern era, and illuminates notable women –queens, freedom fighters, warriors, spies–and progressive movements including abolition, suffrage, labor, civil rights, LGBTQ liberation, reproductive rights, and more. Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists is an indispensable resource for readers of all genders who are interested in the fight for a more liberated future.

Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists cover

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Praise for Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists

“This is a beautifully drawn, hold-no-punches, surprisingly deep dive through the history of women’s rights around the world, which will entrance kids and adults alike.”—N. K. Jemisin, Hugo Award–winning author of the Broken Earth trilogy

“An absolute masterpiece: audacious, unbothered, and utterly brilliant. This thoroughly researched and urgently necessary book needs to be in every classroom, every library, every household, everywhere.”—Daniel José Older, New York Times bestselling author of The Shadowshaper Cypher

“Compelling, comprehensive, and gorgeously illustrated, this book is the perfect launchpad for a thousand further investigations into inspiring and influential women.”—Scott Westerfeld, author of Impostors